Meet Bubba. He's 25this year! He's half Belgian and half Shire draft horse. Bubba was a carriage horse in Duluth's Canal Park. During his retirement with us, he is still ridden and driven to keep him fit, healthy, and entertained. He's the type of horse that loves having a job to do almost as much as getting attention and being brushed!

Muffin is a 2008 quarter horse. She hasn't driven much yet, but we plan on getting her driving and she does ride. Muffin is currently available for on the ground therapeutic activities. It doesn't take long to fall in love with this sweetheart. We have a couple interns working with her and getting into barrel racing. Hoping for a fun year coming up!

RRF VICEREINE (Rena) is a 2012registered Section B Welsh. She continues to amaze us and even seems to have a natural interest in kids. Rena is currently being exposed to more people and being started in both riding and driving this year. We have great hopes for this little girl with an all around great personality and potential to go in all directions. Hoping for a July 2019 foal from her!

Pixie is a 2003 half welsh mare. She is trained to be a hunter/jumper and then was used on a pony ring for awhile. She became very bored on the ring and came to us for trail riding. This fun mare had a foal in 2018. Born the first day of Summer, we decided Summer would just have to work for a name for the little filly. Pixie is our main unicorn! Check out our "What We're Up To" page to see her dressed up!

Summer has arrived! Well, ok, so we also named this spunky little filly Summer since she was born on the first day of Summer, June 20th. We are beyond thrilled with this little girl and can't wait to see where she'll take us!

Clear Meadows Silver Stitches (aka Livy) has officially been purchased and no longer here on a trial basis. She is an 9 year old registered Sec. A Welsh pony. She has been well started under harness and we not only got her going under saddle, but she does amazing on our pony ring. There's just something about her where she knows when she is needed by a human and it's amazing to watch! We're hoping for a July 2019 foal . Stay tuned!

FRF Mossy Oak is a favorite around the farm. Born 2012, hehas quite a personality and his blue roan coloring changes from season to season going lighter almost grey looking to almost black. Mossy is a half Welsh pony. Rena is his half sister. He's been well started for independent riding including being ridden by a 4 year old and has become one of our best ponies on our pony ring!

We decided to take Phoenix in fall of 2016 after hearing her sad story. Starved, abused, and left for dead in a gravel pit after receiving two gunshot wounds, she has made an amazing recovery. We can't wait to work with her more to see what she knows and use her for our therapy program and maybe even on the pony ring! If you missed it, take a look on our main page to see a little more about her!